Protective Coatings

Technology in the detailing industry has advanced greatly in the last few years, with one of the greatest developments being paint protection coatings. The ceramic coatings as they’re known, have many amazing properties that make them a great option to protect a prized sports car or simply maintain a daily driven vehicle:

  • Self cleaning (dirt and contaminants take much longer to “stick” to the finish. Coatings also resist chemical damage such as bird droppings, acid, sap, tar, etc…much longer)
  • Highly hydrophobic (water rolls off the finish, more so than even a wax or sealant)
  • Incredibly hard (the coating cures to a become harder than even the paint finish, which results in a durable layer that can actually resist minor blemishes)
  • Deep gloss and amazing clarity
  • Amazing durability, up to 24+ months!

**Prices are for coating and installation, paint correction is typically recommended prior to coating and is an additional cost**


  • Gyeon One
  • Single layer entry-level coating
  • Provides great gloss and water beading characteristics
  • Durability 12+ months
  • $300


  • Gyeon Pure
  • Single layer coating pure quartz coating
  • Very thick coating, provides great “candy” gloss
  • Durability 18+ months
  • $450


  • Gyeon Synchro
  • 3 layers quartz coating
  • 2 base layers of Gyeon Mohs coating (extremely hard and durable coating)
  • Top layer Gyeon Skin coating (very flexible and incredibly slick coating)
  • Durability 24+ months
  • $900

Additional Coating Services


  • Gyeon Q2 Rim
  • Wheels are removed, faces+inner barrels are deep cleaned and coating is applied
  • Painted/finished brake calipers will be coated as well
  • Quartz coating developed specifically for wheels
  • Provides excellent self-cleaning properties, as well as temperature and chemical resistance
  • Durability single layer/12 months, 2 layers/12+ months
  • Single layer $250
  • 2 layers $350


  • Gyeon Q2 View
  • Quartz coating developed specifically for glass surfaces
  • Provides excellent self-cleaning properties as well as great water repellency
  • Improves safety by maintaining greater visibility (compared to untreated glass)
  • Durability 12+months/windshield, 36+months/side windows
  • $150 windshield
  • $200 Windshield+front side windows


  • Gyeon Q2 FabricCoat
  • Quartz-based fabric sealant
  • Offers great self-cleaning properties, UV-ray protection, and water/liquid repellency
  • Durability 6+ months
  • $120 
  • Gyeon Q2  LeatherShield
  • Quartz-based coating developed specifically for automotive leathers
  • Suitable for all leathers, does not change apperance of leather finish
  • Prevents discoloration, protects against UV-rays, repels dirt and liquids
  • Durability 12+ months
  • $150